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Your banking services are only "one call away" when you use our 0850 222 4 888 Alo Asya Telephone Banking Service. Customers are able to conduct their transactions in a fast and secure manner as well as receive detailed information on products and services.

When you call Alo Asya at 0850 222 4 888 you will have the option of conducting your transactions with the assistance of a customer representative or by using our automated telephone service.

  • A code and password are required to conduct transactions through the Alo Asya banking service
  • Alo Asya is at your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Retail, SME, and corporate customers can conduct transactions through Alo Asya
  • Transactions conducted through Alo Asya are free of all fees and commissions
  • A statement regarding your transaction can be faxed to you
  • Calling 444 8 888 Alo Asya is a free phone call throughout Turkey
  • All phone calls are recorded

The same conditions that apply to our internet banking service apply to the Alo Asya Telephone Banking Service. Please see that section for detailed information regarding certain requirements that must be met prior to conducting transactions via Alo Asya Telephone Banking.

Using The Alo Asya Menu System

The menus below present the options available on the Alo Asya menu. You will hear an automated message upon calling the number with these options.

Pressing '1' will take you to the Code & Password menu. Here you can change or obtain your Alo Asya, internet, or E- POS code.

  • Pressing '2' will take you to the Banking Transactions Menu. Here you can.
  • Conduct transactions with the assistance of a customer service representative
  • Access your account information
  • Conduct account transactions
  • Conduct credit card transactions
  • Find out your school/education installment payment information

Pressing '3' will take you to the Credit Cards Menu. Here you can.

  • Notify us that your credit card has been lost or stolen
  • Access your credit card statement and payment information
  • Access your credit card limit information
  • Find out your post statement cut-off date expenditures
  • Request that your statement be sent to you through one of several methods (e-mail, fax, SMS, etc.)

Pressing '4' will take you to a menu with the following information:

  • Profit sharing rates
  • Foreign exchange buy/sell rates
  • Information on school/educational funding options (installment payment services)

Pressing '5' will provide information on our internet banking service and E- POS service and will also provide customer and technical support in this area.

Pressing '6' will give you the chance to provide us with your comments, complaints, and suggestions.

Pressing '9' will connect you to a customer service representative at which time you will be assisted regarding any of these topics.

Banking Transactions

Customer representatives are able to conducting the following transactions. After your transaction has been realized you can request a statement of activity from the customer representative. The statement will be faxed to you.


  • Opening an account (current account, participation account, or a hybrid account)
  • Add funds to your participation account
  • Make changes to the term of your participation account

Fund transfers

  • Money Transfers (to name, other account, or own account)
  • Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)
  • EFT transfer order

Credit cards

  • Make a payment to your Bank Asya credit card
  • Make a payment to another credit card
  • AsyaPuan gift request


  • Bill payments (water, heating, telephone, electric)
  • Purchase pre-paid calling cards
  • Tax payments (traffic violations, vehicle tax and other types of taxes)
  • Request automatic payments to be made on your behalf
  • Transfers between one's own accounts

Foreign currency transactions

  • Buy/Sell foreign currency (at a discounted rate)
  • Information Requests
  • Receive information
  • Update your personal information

Information requests

  • Receive information
  • Update your personal information
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