Money Transfers

Money transfers are available to meet your company's needs. Asya offers four types of money transfers. First, either with cash or straight from your Bank Asya account, customers can transfer funds to another customer's account number or specify the recipient (corporation) by name.

Second, customers can transfer funds within their own accounts. For example, it is possible to transfer funds from an TL account to a USD account or vice versa.

Thirdly, electronic funds transfers (EFT) are available. This enables account holders to transfer funds from their account to another bank or participation bank in Turkey . The recipient may be specified by account number, name and personal information, or credit card number.

Finally, with our SWIFT system and widespread correspondent network, clients can conduct their international transfers in the safest and fastest way possible.

Collection Services

Member workplace services

Workplaces that would like to accept payments with VISA or Mastercard / Europay are offered the following services by Bank Asya:

  • POS
  • E-POS
  • Installment Payment Services

Other collection services are also available for our clients. A direct debt system, direct payment system, school payment system, and check-bill payments are available.

Payment Services

A variety of payment services are offered for our clients. Among these are bill, membership, and maintenance payments, as well as tax, social security, and salary payments. Checkbooks are made available to eligible firms and continuous check payments are also offered.

Branchless Banking