Customer Care

We consider our valued customers requests, suggestions and complaints of different expectations with our solutions while conducting banking activities.

In this context, our customers’ and stakeholders’ opinions to our policy expressing our approach, vision, and mission.


To ensure high customer satisfaction through our service quality, advanced technology, the solutions to our customers by our skilled work force.


Within the framework of participation banking principles;

  • Keeping customer satisfaction at the highest level,
  • Fast, reliable, innovative and quality service,
  • Providing trained qualified workforce to our bank,

Activities that directly contribute to our profitability, customers, employees and adding value to our shareholders continuously.


The top managements’ leadership and responsibility toward our customers and shareholders for every demand, complaint, request and proposal;

  • We are obliged to comply with the legislation, ethical banking principles and our banks’ rules,
  • Being objective and respecting customer privacy,
  • Evaluate within the time frame we have committed, and we offer a realistic and workable solution.

Each request, complaint and suggestion that reflects the voice of our customer; our products and services, organization are seen as opportunity to improve our quality of our infrastructure and management. We meet our customers’ needs with the approach of "different solutions for different expectations".

Our skilled employees work harder to introduce you the call center servise concept which fulfill the needs of our time through the innovative service and technology.

As a beneficial call center to our society;

We perform in line with the concept of social responsibility in order to support our economic, cultural, and social improvements.

Please call us from Alo Asya 0850 222 4 888 for your inquiries and banking transactions, and call Customer Care 444 27 92 for your complaints.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Branchless Banking