Human Resources

Ever since its establishment in 1996, Bank Asya has aimed to be one of the leaders in the financial sector. These aims have always been a part of our mission and vision when we look to the future. Bank Asya acts with the knowledge that our employees are our most important component. With a considerably low average age, yet significant banking experience, most of our employees are college graduates.

Like other organizations operating in the finance sector, Bank Asya is aware that only by maintaining a qualified, strong and capable workforce will it then be able to open the doors for success, growth, and stability. As well as training our own supervisors and assistants, Bank Asya provides employment to those with prior work experience in the finance sector.

The goal of our Human Resources Department is to find prospective employees that are thinking about a career in professional banking, are tolerant and dynamic, and are looking to develop as both individuals and employees. In doing so, the Human Resources Department wishes to not only benefit our organization, but the banking sector in Turkey in general.

All our employees are very valuable to us and no investment made will go unreturned.

Human Resources Policy

The basic purpose of the Human Resources Department is to maintain a high caliber of personnel in all positions. Employees must be able to understand customers’ needs and empathize with their feelings. Communication is essential to customer relations and this is one of the key attributes that applicants must demonstrate. The fundamental principles of Human Resources policy are the following:

  • Planning for the quality and quantity of personnel, and the hiring of personnel that meet job and workplace requirements
  • To maintain employee output and effectiveness at the highest levels
  • To have an effective education plan for the career development of personnel
  • To keep employees at all levels motivated
  • To protect and further develop employees' rights
  • To ensure human rights and enable employees to work alongside and be in contact with their superiors
  • To provide an environment of open communication.
  • To give all employees equal support in their career planning and provide for their career, individual, and social development.
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