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Gold Accounts

Secure Way of Gold Saving: Gold Account!

Gold account is a private current account which lets you purchase and sell gold by grams, as you purchase and sell FX. You can purchase and sell gold at daily quoted gold purchase and selling prices.


  • 1 XAU is equal to 1 gram of gold (with a purity of 995/1000)in your gold account.
  • Minimum transaction limit for gold account is 1 gram of gold. Transactions can be made as 1 gram and its multiples and you can view your account in gram.
  • Gold account is a private current account and you are not paid profit share for it.
  • You can transfer gold from your gold account to other Bank Asya gold accounts at our branches.
  • You can physically withdraw minimum 1 kg of gold as bullion only at our Kuyumcukent branch.
  • You must inform the Bank about your requests for physical gold withdrawal two working days before the withdrawal. 50 TL will be charged per bullion for the physical gold withdrawal.


  • It makes gold purchase and selling transactions easier.
  • It eliminates the risk of theft and loss.
  • You do not pay labor cost when buying and selling gold.
  • It eliminates the problems like low carat or old dated gold coins.
  • You can turn your small savings into a big nest egg thanks to the low transaction limits.

You can apply at the nearest Bank Asya branch or visit Bank Asya Online Banking to open a gold account or purchase/sell gold.

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