Bank Asya Sustainability Policy

Bank Asya's Sustainability Policy contains its responsibilities on below stated issues against its stakeholders, clients, employees, society and the environment.

Corporate Governance

Bank Asya performs all banking activities over the processes, duties and responsibilities, each of which is clearly defined.

Bank Asya aims to be reliable, responsible, objective, accountable and transparent against its stakeholders, clients, employees, society and the environment.

Bank Asya gets "Corporate Governance Rating" report prepared that contains the main subjects of "shareholders", "public disclosure and transparency", "stakeholders" and "board of directors".

Corporate Governance Rating Reports and rating scores are announced at Public Disclosure Platform and Bank Asya's website.

Social Responsibility

Bank Asya aims to realize social responsibility projects for increasing social benefit and to support sponsorships.


Bank Asya takes environmental sensitivity into consideration in the credit assessment processes.

Bank Asya considers effective use of resources in its banking activities, and aims to hold the environmental impact minimal.

In this sense, it informs the Bank employees through regular trainings and corporate announcements.

Employee Affairs

Bank Asya sustains its employees in the direction of below stated criteria, as well as the effective human resources policy:

  • Making qualitative and quantitative staff planning, realizing employment of the staff that is suitable for the job and for our culture
  • Keeping staff efficiency and effectiveness at the highest level possible
  • Offering personal development (career) opportunities to all staff through an effective training plan and program
  • Keeping morale and motivation of all staff in all levels at the highest level possible
  • Protecting and improving material and immaterial rights of the staff
  • Creating a work environment that increases the willingness of all staff to work with their respective managers and endeavoring to improve personal relationships
  • Providing an open communication environment
  • Supporting the professional, personal and social development of the employees, by offering equal opportunities to everyone in career planning

Relationships with the Customers

Bank Asya aims to increase client satisfaction by providing its clients with the most reliable, fastest and healthiest service.

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